Adhesive for repair in apartments

The choice of glue for the repair work of the apartment depends on the nature of repair works. Our article is primarily devoted to wallpaper glue and mounting glue for stucco molding and wall panels.

You will find the following types of glue in our online shop:

  • Paste for vinyl wallpaper on a variety of bases. As you know, paste is absolutely natural adhesive agent, which many of you have certainly made at home. Our product is natural and absolutely harmless, designed for pasting walls with paper and non-woven paper. It was designed especially to ensure optimum fixation of the wallpaper. It is a powder mixture that is to be diluted with water according to the the instructions. The advantage of using such agent for pasting walls with non-woven wallpaper, rather than ready-to-use wallpaper glue is that it remains possible to remove a whole dry canvas of non-woven wallpaper from the walls.
  • Ready-to-use wallpaper glue fornon-woven wallpaper. It should be used in the case of wall sealing with paint non-woven. Such fixation will ensure reliable strengthening of the walls, and non-woven coating, if desired, will be an excellent basis for further decorative work. Special glue is a ready-to-use product, which is wallpaperglue in buckets. It is suitable not only for paint non-woven wallpaper, but also for any other types of decorative wallpaper on non-woven basis and not others. If you are sure that you don’t want remove wallpaper soon, you can use such glue.
  • Repairglue. It includes a number of adhesives for fixing stucco moldings from polyurethane, wall panels and other types of decorative coatings. This type of glue is also called adhesive sealant. Acrylic mounting glue for stucco molding is among them. Such glue provides reliable and durable fixation of decorative stucco molding from polyurethane and polystyrene and is used for internal works. For joints of stucco molding elements use glue on a polyurethane basis. Mounting polymer glue and filler is used for fixing decorative stucco molding in wet rooms and for external work.
  • Modern glue for repair worksshould be not only effective, but also harmless and easy-to-use. All the varieties of our glue for repair in the apartment are precisely like that. Method of glue application is simple and understandable. Following the instructions on the package, even a person without special skills will be able to understand how to prepare and apply glue for repair work on the surface: if the glue dissolves in water and is mixed according to the instructions, then this process will take not more than 10-15 minutes of your time. If you use ready-to-use glue, there is no need to provide any additional time outlays. The simplicity and ease of use lies in the fact that most types of glue are packed in the most convenient way for their application, for example, mounting glue in the cartridge or mounting glue in a tube. Such a convenient packaging for the application of glue allows avoid undesirable traces after application and extra cleaning. In addition, the number of additional tools, repair accessories for work with glue is minimized. So, for example, for using mounting glue in a cartridge, you will only need a cartridge or as it is called, a cartridge gun.
  • Glue of various manufacturers and popular international brands in the product catalog

    In the online store glue catalog there are represented products of such popular glue manufacturers as PROFHOME and Orac Decor, the brand itself is a guarantee of quality and reliability. All products represented in the catalog contain detailed description, reviews and technical characteristics of the glue. Moreover, you can contact the site's support service at any time and get advice as for the price or glue spread for apartment repair.

    Order and home delivery of glueis performed directly from the online store

    Having asked managers of the online store for assistance you could buy glue for apartment repair quickly. Professional consultants will answer any questions, help you arrange the purchase and the delivery of the glue and after payment your order will be delivered to any city in the Great Britain and around the world! Delivery times can be checked with the manager. Enjoy your shopping!