Wallpapers with graphic design

Wallpapers with a graphic design combine familiar geometric patterns, in which spots and stripes predominate, with wavy lines and more abstract motifs. With their bright, dramatic colours, graphic wallpapers are different from the popular vintage or retro wallpapers.

Even very reserved and unobtrusive stripes or patterns are in fashion today. Despite the fact that wallpaper with a graphic design is reminiscent of the patterns that were popular in the 60s, or maybe precisely for that reason, they still enjoy widespread popularity. Many graphic wallpapers can be combined with monophonic wallpaper, which entails a strong contrast in style.

Wallpapers with graphic design in the interior space

Graphic design is very popular because it's considered modern. If your rooms are decorated in a modern style, then wallpaper with a clear graphic design will perfectly complement your interior. Wallpaper in a bold colour scheme, for example white wallpaper with a black pattern, is very suitable both for residential and office spaces.

Wallpaper with a graphic design also matches the vintage style well. A creative idea can be the use of wallpaper with patterns for collages or scrapbooking.

Wallpaper with a graphic design consisting of a small pattern visually expands a room, making it appear larger. Wallpaper with a large pattern, on the other hand, will tend to create the illusion of shrinking the available space.

Wallpaper with flowing patterns in neutral colours is perfect for decorating bedrooms, kitchens and children's rooms.

Photos of wallpaper with graphic design in the interior space

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