Hallway wallpaper

It is very important and responsible to make the right choice of wallpapers for hallways and corridor. Hallway and corridor are rooms adjoining the entrance door, where people usually change shoes and take overclothes off. In other words, this is the first place, where person entering the house gets into, either it is a guest or the very apartment resident. And surely you want the first, the strongest impression of your flat would be favourable, don’t you? That’s why it’s very important to select design of wallpapers for hallways and corridor in accordance with your preferences.

Which wallpapers to choose for hallways or corridor

Insofar as hallway and corridor are places contacting the street most of all and via which maximum people are going through, then the main criteria for selecting wallpapers for hallways and corridor will be their resistance to various kinds of influences (temperature drop, moisture, dust etc.) and ease of operation. Correspondingly, the best solution in such case will be use of washable wallpapers – due to their cheapness and easy handling, or vinyl wallpapers for hallways – due to their reliability and durability.

Hallway wallpaper in the apartment

Selecting wallpapers for corridor, you should pay great attention to colour palette determination. As exactly it, first and foremost, forms atmosphere of the room and defines total emotional message.

  • Using warm tones will help your guests to feel more comfortable, relaxedly and cozier.
  • It will be more difficult to keep corridor wallpapers of light, neutral colours clean but they will help visually to extend the room. Contrast transitions between bright, staring and soft, pale colours of hallway wallpapers will make the room more presentable and impressive.

Wallpaper for hallways in the apartment interior

Planning interior of wallpapers for hallways, we recommend not to pass around the issue of choosing ornament selection. The properly chosen ornament will help to change visually room sizes, emphasize or vice versa, to shade other interior elements, hide probable wall shortcomings and many other things.

What are the main advices in choosing ornament?

  • Hallway finishing with wallpapers with vertical pattern will help to “stretch out” the room and increase the ceiling height.
  • If hallway is little with very high ceilings – it is recommended to use horizontal patterns.
  • Diagonal pattern location hides wall roughness well.
  • Use of abstract patterns by hallway finishing with wall is very practical – it masks little shortcomings, spots, scratches well.
  • Combining one-coloured wallpapers and papers with patterns, you can focus on some parts of corridor or interior elements.

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