Wallpaper collections for wall

The collection is a certain set of items, in this case, wallpaper, united by common characteristics. At this, the criterion of unification is not only the thematic characteristics or color palette of the wallpaper collection, but also the technical ones. Our online store offers wallpaper produced by different manufacturers, which form their collections according to different criteria. Therefore, wallpaper collections for wall, which differ from each other in production technology, are often distinguished by qualitative indicators. In addition, to achieve a certain design solution, one or another material may prevail within the limits of one collection.

All this can lead to a price difference of wallpaper collections. Each new wallpaper collection is an event both for the manufacturer and for the consumer. For those who do not know the trends of wallpapers, the search criteria may be the phrase "wallpaper collections 2017". Old wallpaper collections are gradually replaced by the new ones, and since new wallpaper is often characterized by a higher price, wallpaper from old collections may usually be purchased with a discount, and customers always have a choice!

The history of wallpaper

The history of wallpaper is more than two thousand years! The entire process of wallpaper invention of may be divided into the following stages:

  • The first wallpaper, made of rice paper, was produced in China as early as the 2nd century BC.
  • Then, the fashion to cover walls with paper, leather or other materials spread to Japan and the Middle East.
  • In the 8th century, the first paper wallpapers appeared in Europe and Russia. But this wallpaper was considered an exotic product; it was quite expensive and was available only to very wealthy people.
  • The 17th century is considered to be the beginning of industrial production of wallpaper, when a papermaking machine was invented in France, which made it possible to make whole rolls of paper and paint them.
  • Due to the increase in production capacity and the improvement of printing technology, the price of wallpaper began to fall and the fashion to cover walls with paper rolls began to spread to ever less prosperous layers of the population.
  • So, gradually, paper wallpaper has acquired the form it has now.

Wallpaper collections catalog for walls with interior images

To see photos of wallpaper in the interior, see their description and specifications, visit the product catalog of the online store Wallpaper collections catalog of is equipped with a convenient navigation system with a large number of filters, for example: wallpaper by name of collection, wallpaper by product items.

As it was mentioned earlier, wallpaper collection for wall cost is formed under the influence of various factors, namely: the materials used, the production technology, the novelty of the collection. Do not miss the chance and get the wallpaper coming out of the assortment at competitive price!

Buy wallpaper of various collections in the online store with delivery

If you want to buy wallpaper for wall from a certain collection in the online store, use the filter described above or contact a consultant manager for help, and they will help you to complete your purchase and order. Fast delivery of goods is carried out all over the world. Delivery times can be checked with the manager.