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Wall panels for interior decorating

Have you got tired of ordinary well-warn ideas for decorating your rooms? Are you looking for something fresh and modern? Have a look at WallFace wall panels for rooms! Soft with leather effect, reflective, moisture and impact resistant – a variety of designs and qualities will enable you to choose the wall panels for home or workplace which will perfectly suit your own distinctive interior!

Decorative wall panels for interior finishing

When choosing wall panels for your house or flat, or some business premises it is important to keep in mind special features and purpose of each particular room:

  • Kitchen is often a place exposed to moisture, high temperatures and the one which needs to be cleaned frequently. Therefore, wall panels with high durability and moisture resistance will best fit decorating this room. Places continuously exposed to water are best to be lined with acrylic coated panels. They are great at resisting any impact and can also be cleaned easily.
  • Design of the material is of major importance when it comes to decorating living rooms. If you wish to get an idea as to how wall panels might look in the interior, photos presented in our on-line catalogue are called to assist you. In case you have any questions, you can always contact our customer support service and get a quick and professional advice.
  • Soft panels have proved to be the most popular in decorating bedrooms. Not only they are featured by unique looks but also help to sound prove your bedroom and are good at keeping warmth in the room which becomes quite important during colder seasons.
  • Wall panels for decorating offices and other business premises offer a variety of luxury designs – from those with stone or metal effect to those with textured or perforated ornaments.
  • Another area where wall panels get widely employed is decoration of various business premises – trading areas, restaurants, hotels and other catering facilities. They are also extensively used in advertising. Bright inviting designs of these panels will no doubt help to attract customers who will want to keep coming back to you again and again!

Buy wall panels for rooms directly from the manufacturer with delivery to your doors

If you want to buy wall panels for home or workplace we invite you to visit our on-line catalogue at Here you will find photos of the wall panels for houses and flats, their prices, descriptions, technical characteristics and other customers’ reviews. And, if you feel this is not sufficient enough, please order a wall panel sample to be posted to you and check for yourself its great qualities. Once you have chosen your design, our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you in finalising your purchase and arrange a delivery. Enjoy your shopping!