Country house

Country style wallpaper

The appearance of any county house is usually associated with country style and the look of North-American rancho. In fact, this style is more wide-reaching. In different interiors the style we call “country” will have a number of different guises: with some distinctive features in each geographic region. This, therefore, means that wallpaper of this style is presented in great variety.

Country house wallpaper in interior design

Country house wallpaper, as a decorative material, will let you get a good feel of the simplicity of the countryside way of life and presence of nature even if you actually live in a noisy town. Please note once again that country style is a generic term for similar rustic styles of different geographic areas. Below you will find some of no less popular country style analogues and corresponding county style wallpaper:

  • English style wallpaper or English cottage wallpaper. Delicate little flowers, strips or checks ornaments dominate here. Warm colours, light to dark shades are widely used here.
  • Chalet style wallpaper or Swiss country style wallpaper. Chalet style is a mountain style featured by presence of warm and strong buildings. Interior here will pay more attention to functionality rather than grace. Wood or whitewash would usually be used to decorate the walls here. Wallpaper with wood effect will perfectly suit Chalet style interior.
  • Scandinavian country style wallpaper. Scandinavian country style is easy and far from being showy, furniture can be massive and always functional, there are not many decorative fixtures, walls are often simply whitewashed. Thus, there aren’t many ornaments in Scandinavian country wallpaper. They would normally imitate natural materials, such as wood, stone, stone masonry or white wash. Light colours dominate here.
  • French country style wallpaper. Floral and natural ornaments of soft pastel shades are normally set against white or light background. A separate article has been devoted to this sophisticated style.

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