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Retro wallpaper

Retro wallpaper normally uses once popular patterns and colours, with no difference of whether it is the recent past or more distant past. This wallpaper, also called vintage wallpaper, is also being employed today in combination with modern-look wall decorations, as if emphasizing the textures and patterns peculiar to those particular time periods. However, while Retro style is always an appeal to the past, it, unlike vintage style, does not have clear time boundaries. Therefore, interior decoration in a style of any historical period can be attributed to Retro style. Another difference between Retro and Vintage is that Retro presents the most accurate imitation of once fashionable things which, however, should not necessarily be or look old. Vintage style, on the other hand, first of all presents original copies from the past which are often old or appear to be well-worn. Therefore, this category would include a variety of wallpaper, for example, retro wallpaper with antique ornaments as well as vintage style or shabby-chic wallpaper.

Retro wallpaper

Retro and Vintage wallpaper is a very extensive category which includes a whole range of designer trends and styles.

  • Antique style wallpaper, as a rule, presents imitations of decorative plaster. It includes single-colour textured wallpaper, as well as wallpaper for further coating and/or painting.
  • Empire style wallpaper reflects the spirit of the end of classicism age, which was famous for its pomp and luxury both in art and architecture, as well as in interior design. In contrast to classicism, this style exhibits magnificence and returns to the ancient architecture of the Roman Empire. In terms of interior design, it meant employment of rich and massive decorations and stucco mouldings: medallions, columns, pilasters. Solid woven tapestry and wall decoration with classic and damask patterns were widely spread and their colour palette varied greatly: from rich and bright to pastel colours with gold or silver plating.
  • Empire style was later replaced by eclectic trends, with Victorian style being a vivid representative of which. It combined elements of Gothic and Rococo, classic and exotic features. Interiors decorated in this style emphasized the prosperity and refined taste of their owners: presentability, strictness, symmetry and no gloss of any kind at all. Since the style originated in England, it was typical to decorate the walls with English style wallpaper, such as checked or striped wallpaper, or wallpaper with a graceful floral ornament. Due to the fact that Victorian style simultaneously represented several styles, wallpaper with baroque, classic and exotic patterns, as well as plain single-colour wallpaper can often be found in the interior. Also Victorian style wallpaper is featured by sizable structured patterns.
  • Wallpaper of the 20th century. It is very popular nowadays to decorate the interior in the style of 50-s to 80-s. The wallpaper of 50-s marked the origin of the graphic print. It was either plain single-colour wallpaper or wallpaper with abstract, geometric or floral patterns in the variety of colours ranging from bright to pastel shades. Similar characteristics defined wallpaper of 60-s with a wide application of orange shades and abstract geometric patterns. In wallpaper of 70-s smooth and flowing romantic patterns were further replaced by clear geometric shapes or bright plain single-colour surfaces with an emphasis on the accent wall. Brown colour, brick or wood effect wallpaper was in fashion at the time. Wallpaper of the 80-s is featured by yellow, orange and green colours, as well as geometric patterns of big sizes.

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