Wallpapers with geometric pattern

Wallpapers with geometric patterns often combine well-known shapes such as circles, triangles, squares or rectangles. These shapes are repeated in such a way that it obtains a sound perspective or planar artistic image. In addition to the original design, wallpaper with geometric pattern is great for visually changing the size of the room, to hide wall defects or to focus on any element of the interior.

Wallpaper with geometric pattern in interior space

A variety of geometric patterns offers a variety of solutions for interior decoration of residential and office space. Below is a list of the most commonly used geometric patterns of wallpaper and a description of their impact on the perception of the interior:

  • Squares on wallpaper can be found perhaps more often than any other geometric shapes. Wallpaper tile or brickwork too, can be attributed to geometric wallpaper. In most ancient cultures, the square symbolized the universe, from the point of view of modern psychology the square is a symbol of simplicity and reliability. The wallpaper with squares or cubes may differ in different patterns of arrangement: rhythmic repetition of squares, overlapping them on each other, or mirror symmetry.
  • Wallpapers with balls or circles will successfully complement the romantic style of the interior. The circle is a symbol of peaceful desposition, tranqulity and kindness. Bright circles and balls on the wallpaper are often found in the modern design of the premises and are an integral part of the modern style.
  • Wallpapers with a diamond or triangle look catchy, defiant and give the room dynamism and variety.
  • Wallpaper with geometric patterns in the form of waves, zigzags or even lines are used in the interior to change the visual perception of the size of the premises. Vertical patterns raise the ceilings, and horizontal - expand the walls.
  • Wallpaper with a birdcage perfectly fit into the interior in the English style.
  • For children's room, wallpaper with balloons is perfect.

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