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Kinds of polyurethane molding

A big range of various kinds of molding is presented at the current market of decorative elements. Stucco mouldings can be divided into types depending on materials of manufacturing, shape and sphere of application.

Traditional molding, known from the times of the Ancient Greece, is made of plaster. Such kind of molding, especially handmade, is, for sure, of great artistic interest. Not everybody can afford this exclusive product, besides decorative items made of plaster are exposed to mechanical damages. The most qualitative analogue of molding décor made of plaster is molding made of polyurethane. Its advantages are affordable price, bruise resistance and graceful design, which is identical to traditional plaster molding. In its turn, polyurethane molding can be divided into several categories according to the type:

Material of decorative molding. Depending on technology of polyurethane manufacture, you can obtain materials of various density with different properties.

Application. Due to its technical characteristics, polyurethane allows to use decorative elements made of it for finishing of any premises and furniture. It concerns not only internal but also external finishing. Also it is possible to use various kinds of molding décor combined with illumination devices.

Shape. Kinds of molding in interior are characterized with a variety of shapes, structures and ornaments.

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