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Metal Mosaic & Tile

Metal tile mosaic appeared only several years ago, but already has gained great enough popularity at the market of construction materials.

There is no doubt as despite of unique and special design, mosaic of metal has also a range of undeniable advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness. Metal tiles are natural materials without any hazardous emission.
  • Hygienic qualities. Metal cover is not subject to expansion of various kinds of fungi or mould.
  • Environmental resistance. Thanks to high quality of material metal tile mosaic is resistant to ultraviolet, temperature drop and perfectly resists any kinds of mechanical effects and some kinds of mosaic do not undergo modification also in moist environment.

  • Durability. Metal mosaic is made of all metal chips, stamped of sheet of high quality. It consist of pure metal and does not contain plastic inserts, metal similar coverings, impurities ceramics or black metal, thanks to which metal mosaic does not flake and preserves magnificent appearance during many years.

Design of metal tiles in an interior

Thanks to the above described advantages, metal mosaic is a perfect solution for decoration of such premises as a bathroom, shower room, kitchen or sauna. Mosaic in the interiorof room will make it shine in the very direct sense of this word! Besides, metal tiles of definite metals are often applied for finishing of swimming pools or fountains.

As our metal mosaic is an exclusive expensive product without equals, it is used fragmentarily. Thus, mosaic of metal for decorationcan be used not for all walls but only for its part.

Many people choosing tile mosaic for wall decoration, face the question: “How to lay a tile mosaic?”. Step by step description of the process ofwall decoration with mosaic tiles:
1. First of all, it is necessary to prepare thoroughly the wall surface. It shall be dry, clean, plastered and absolutely plain.
2. The next step is to apply glue on the wall. It shall be prepared according to the package directions and applied on the wall in an even layer.
3. Afterwards, the very tile is put on the wall. It shall be put evenly and press to them wall with slight tapping with a rubber hammer.
4. And finally, it is necessary to remove a protective film, covering the front part of mosaic tile and then when the glue cooled down, it is necessary to float the formed joints with a special filler coat.

Catalog with photos of mosaic tiles in the interior of rooms

If you still can’t decide whether it is worth to buy mosaic tile, you can order a pattern of the goods in which you are interested by post and in a calm atmosphere to see how this element of decoration will match the interior of your room. Also, for better choosing the design of metal tiles, you can any time contact the website support service and get quick and professional consultation concerning any matter.

Besides, in the catalog you will find a great number of various photos of a design of a mosaic in an interior of roomand can get acquainted with description and specification of each product.

It is important to know that all metal mosaic represented in the catalog is produced in Australia. In such a way, in the online store you can buy original Australian metal tiles of high quality!

Buy mosaic tiles in online store with shipping

Managers of online store will help you to decide as to the price of mosaic tiles, choice of payment method and execution of purchase and shipping. Fast delivery of goods is carried out all over the world. Delivery times can be checked with the manager. So, you can by mosaic tile in online store without any problems, even without leaving home! Enjoy your shopping!