Oriental or Asian style wallpaper

Handmade oriental wallpaper was first brought to Europe by Indian merchants in 16th century. And this wallpaper which is also known to us as an “Asian style wallpaper” soon gained its strong positions on the market. The art of Far East with its playful ornaments and almost childish patterns prompted people’s imagination and made them fantasize. However, following the fact that creating such wallpaper involved very careful and attentive to every detail work and the fact that its transportation was not cheap or easy, only a limited number of people could actually afford to get hold of this exclusive wall finishing material. Only after some time, the popularity of this wallpaper type became common. Our Asian style wallpaper will take you to the world of magic. Here, the aura of Far Eastern dynasties combined with high technologies rightfully creates the wallpaper of the 3rd millennium.

Asian wallpaper types

This article is aimed to give you an idea as to what Asian wallpaper designs exist. First of all, it should be noted that a wide term of “Oriental/Asian style wallpaper” includes a number of mainstreams each of which has its own distinctive features:

  • Arabic style wallpaper. It is used for decorations in traditional style or Baroque. This type of wallpaper is usually featured by bright colours and warm shades, flowing of the colourful lines into one other and presence of damask patterns.
  • Chinese style wallpaper which is often featured by dark intense colours and rich in contrast transitions. Black, green and blue colours are gracefully blended with red, maroon and gold ones. Chinese style wallpaper often contains images of hieroglyphic symbols, dragons, tigers etc.
  • Japanese style wallpaper. Plain shades of yellow, grey and beige colours with smooth non-contrast transitions are dominant here. Japanese style wallpaper is also being often produced from natural materials, such as bamboo, for example.
  • Turkish style wallpaper. It is aimed at creating an atmosphere of luxury and affluence. Turkish style wallpaper employs rich red, yellow and green colours together with ornate patterns, such as, for example, paisley pattern (design using buta).
  • Indian style wallpaper. The colour range here includes bright and rich colours of maroon, yellow, green and orange. Also Indian style wallpaper will often have some glossy bits which are good at reflecting light and, thus, making the room shine.

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