STATUS wallpaper collection

The EDEM factory is a modern enterprise producing high-quality products that meet all European standards. The wallpaper from the Status collection is a type of vinyl wallpaper that has been hot-stamped. A thick, dense top layer of vinyl with a deep, distinct embossing provides the wallpaper with a high degree of resistance to mechanical damage, ultraviolet radiation and moisture. Such wallpaper can even be washed with a sponge or brush. In a word: The EDEM Status collection is unparalleled.

Catalogue with images of Status wallpaper

The EDEM Status wallpaper collection you'll find in our online store Profhome contains wallpaper of two types: on a paper and a non-woven base. Below are more detailed characteristics for each type:

Status wallpaper on a paper base

Dimensions: 10.05 m × 0.53 m = 5.33 m2
Roll weight: 1.5-2.1 kg
The diameter of a roll is 7-8 cm

When this wallpaper is removed from a wall, only the top vinyl layer needs to be removed, and the backing paper remains on the wall.

Status wallpaper on a non-woven base

Dimensions: 10.05 m × 1.06 m = 10.65 m2
Roll weight: 2.4-3.8 kg
The diameter of a roll is 7.5-10 cm

When applied using a special adhesive, it can be stripped dry.

As these are double rolls, non-woven Status wallpaper can be hung faster and there are only half as many seams compared to a normal roll.

In our online catalogue you can see photos of this wallpaper, and order a sample by mail, so that in you can see for yourself how the wallpaper will fit into the design of your home. In addition, you can contact us for suggestions and advice on the choice of colour or texture of the vinyl Status wallpaper. Please note that the prices for Status wallpaper are listed per roll.

To help you find a certain product in our shop, they are named as follows: First is the manufacturer's name (EDEM), then the name of the collection (Status), and finally the article number. You can easily find products by simply typing the article number in the search box.

Buying Status wallpaper in our online store with delivery

All of the efforts of our Profhome team are aimed at helping you buy Status wallpaper as quickly and conveniently as possible. Contact our customer support team to receive professional advice on choosing a method of payment and making a purchase. Fast delivery of goods is carried out all over the world. In our online store Profhome you can buy high-quality Status wallpaper made in our EDEM factory without any problems. Enjoy your shopping!