Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is a type of wall paper with decorative and protective vinyl covering on paper or non-woven base. Base material has no significant impact on wallpaper properties. It only effects on how to glue vinyl wallpaper. The vinyl has great effect on operational process. Its thickness and quality influences the degree of external factors resistance, such as moisture, mechanical damage, ultraviolet and dirtiness.

Which vinyl wallpaper is best to buy?

You cannot make the right choice and decide, which vinyl paper will meet your requirements best of all? Let’s start with the types of vinyl wallpaper.

1. Foam vinyl wallpaper. It’s quite durable and moisture resistant, due to porous foam vinyl structure it is well breathable.
2. Plain vinyl or hot-pressed vinyl. These are very firm, durable and superwashing wallpapers, cleanable wallpapers with clear structure, resistant to ultraviolet and mechanical damages. Good vinyl wallpaper is the best solution for kitchen and bathroom finishing.

Vinyl wallpaper pros and cons

Like any other wallpaper types, vinyl wallpaper has its pros and cons. Let’s consider the most essential of them.


  • Excellent moisture-resistance. High-quality vinyl wallpaper may be cleaned with the brush!
  • Mechanical performance and durability. It is quite difficult to scratch or rumple vinyl covering.
  • Due to its thickness, it conceal well cosmetic defect of the walls.
  • It is resistant to bleaching and fading. It sustains its colour for a long time.
  • It is durable.


  • It is made of artificial materials. Some types of vinyl wallpaper may have light off-odour, which disappears in course of time.
  • It is low-breathable.

Catalog of vinyl wallpapers with prices and photo

Have you made the choice, but still hesitate? Visit catalogue of vinyl wallpapers in on-line store! View vinyl wallpaper photo, read descriptions, specifications and customers’ feedbacks. Please, note, that price of vinyl wallpapers in catalogue is stated for one roll.

Buy vinyl wallpaper for the wall in the online store with delivery

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