Textured wall panels

WallFace textured wall panels will be an excellent solution for flat surfaces to become expressive and bulky. In the catalog below, you can easily select the appropriate design, and the contents of this article will help you to familiarize yourself with the advantages of using textured wall panels.

Textured wall panels in the interior space.

Textured wall panels have a real three-dimensional ornament that not only adds to the design of the panel’s uniqueness, but also perfectly conceals the defects and irregularities of the surfaces to be glued. In addition, they are characterized by a number of assertive properties:

  • Installation with ease. The reverse side of the decorative textured panel is equipped with a self-adhesive base, so that its installation will not cause you any special difficulties.
  • Good operational features. WallFace textured wall panels are durable, resistant to high temperatures and easy to clean.
  • Safety. The textured wall panels do not contain PVC or other harmful substances and are absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • Wide range of use. Due to the flexibility, ease and simplicity of cutting, the textured panels can be used for lining-up curved section or irregularly shaped surfaces.

Buy textured wall panels in our online store with delivery

Before buying WallFace textured wall panels in the online store (Profhome.co.uk), there is the possibility of ordering a sample of the goods in the mail. Using this service, you can order a series of samples of the products you are interested in for a purely democratic price, so that in a quiet, home environment it is better to decide on a choice.

In addition, the catalog of textured wall panels shows the price, photo in the interior, detailed description and technical characteristics of each position. If you have any question, you can contact support staff who will help you choose the relief panels, buy them and order for the delivery to be made directly to your home. Enjoy your shopping!