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Wallpaper styles in the interior of the premises

The right choice of wallpaper style is very important for competent and exclusive design of premises. Each interior style has its own characteristics, and wall coverings such as wallpaper can be very beneficial to emphasize these features. Sometimes the wallpaper is the determining factor in the picking of a design for a place to have a particular style.

How to choose wallpaper style

The variety of textures, colors and patterns of our wallpaper is the merit of recognized designers and technologists which gives you the opportunity to choose among a huge number of wallpaper styles the one in which you wish to decorate. Below you will find a brief description of wallpaper styles presented in the assortment of our store, and more detailed information on stylistic directions can be obtained by going to the appropriate category of the catalog.

  • Baroque. All colors are luscious, saturated: burgundy, dark green, brown, black. Any interior that is decorated in this style is distinguished by luxury and pomposity.
  • Romantic style. The main feature - pastel colors, smooth patterns and the absence of contrasts or sharp transitions.
  • Modern style. It is difficult to identify the characteristic colors or patterns of this wallpaper style, as they depend on the fashion trends that are relevant at the current time.
  • Retro. The main feature - the presence of patterns and colors popular in past eras. Specific differences of colors and ornaments are determined by the peculiarities of the historical period, the atmosphere of which you are trying to recreate.
  • Classical. The color palette is very diverse. From gentle to saturated, from light to dark tones. The basic patterns: strip, cage, damask, paisley or floral ornaments.
  • Provence. Displays the style of the French village house and is characterized by soft, pastel tones, with a smooth, shallow, more often - floral ornament.
  • East style. Common features are bright colors - yellow, red, green and various images of animals and plants.
  • Country. This style of wallpaper is aimed at creating in your home a cozy atmosphere of a country house. Since the country style is geographic in nature, in each region it will be different. This is dictated by a variety of colors and ornamental solutions for the production of wallpaper in the “country style”.

Catalog with images of wallpapers in various interior styles.

In the product catalog of the online store you will find a lot of photos of wallpapers made in different styles, and you can get acquainted with their description and characteristics. Choose the appropriate wallpaper style that meets your preferences and requirements, our consultants will gladly help!

Buy wallpaper of different stylistic trends in the online store with delivery

Have you come up with a choice? Buy wallpaper of the style you like in the online store it will not be difficult! The team of managers will help you in the shortest time to make a purchase and order with fast delivery of goods to any country in the world. We wish you luck in making a good choice and enjoy shopping!