Wall liner | paintable nonwoven lining paper

Paintable non woven lining paper

Non woven lining paper is non woven material for finishing walls and ceilings, made of cellulose and textile fibres, bound with polymer basic. The synonyms of paintable non woven lining paper are repair non woven lining paper, plain non woven lining paper, non woven linen, non woven lining wallpaper, etc.

How to hang non woven wallpaper? Advantages and specific features

Non woven lining paper has become widely used at construction material market due to a variety of certain advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness. Non woven lining paper is absolutely safe material, it is PVC free and is moisture-permeable and breathable.
  • Durability. Due to top quality materials, it preserves its appearance and specifications over a number of years.
  • Easy hanging. Non woven linen is firmly glued to any surface, whether this be dry wall, fibreboard, wood chip board or concrete.
  • Wearing qualities. It is characterized with high rate of tensile strength, so that is it commonly used for walls reinforcing and cracks prevention.
  • Good performance characteristics. Non woven lining paper neither stretches out nor contracts after soaking; it conceals wall defects and improves heat and sound insulation in the room.
  • Opportunity of further finishing. Non woven lining paper may be covered with other finishing materials or recoloured for several times.
  • Easy removal. If necessary, it may be easily removed from walls in the dry state, if special wallpaper paste was applied for hanging.

Having assured themselves of certain advantages of non woven lining paper, many people ask: How to hang nonwoven wallpaper? Below there is an accurate and detailed description of technology of non woven lining paper hanging.

1. First of all, make the surface smooth, dry and clean. Remove old wallpaper, plaster and paint trances, etc.

2. Fill all cracks, spots and holes with putty.

3. To achieve a required level of surface soakability, apply the primer on it.

4. Next step is to apply an even level of glue on the surface.

5. Non woven lining papershall be applied on the surface, covered with glue or wallpaper paste, in dry state from the roll with entire linen edge to edge and gently smoothed from the centre and top to edges.

6. After the hanging, cut the edge of non woven linen at the baseboard.

7. After the glue dries out, non woven linen may be painted or used as a base for other decorative works.

Paintable non woven lining paper

After hanging non woven lining paper, you receive durable, reliable, smooth and even surface, which may be hung with wallpaper or decorated in any other way depending on your preferences. White non woven lining paper is the most widely spread on the market, as only the white colour allows to keep original tint of paint and looks naturally. Coloured non woven lining paper is seldom used, and it should be selected with great care. This is because it’s quite hard to repaint coloured non woven lining paper in desired colour.

Paintable non woven lining paperallows not only to change interior of your room for several times, but also conceal wall defects. The painting of non woven lining paper will not take much time and may be performed by the person without special skills:

1. Pour paint to special tray, sink the roller in it and roll until it completely soaked with paint.

2. After that press back the roller and gradually, area by area, paint non woven linen.

3. If the surface is not evenly coloured from the first time, cover non-coloured areas with the paint again. In general, non woven lining paper is coloured twice.

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