Floral wallpaper

From time immemorial, floral motifs inspire artists and sculptors. Despite the fact that each era is characterized by its characteristic ornamental solutions in art, the floral motif never disappears, but changes and pleases us with its new forms and colors.
The first wallpaper with floral ornament was seen in Europe in the 17th century. The drive for their production was the acquaintance of the then masters with an Indian cloth called Chinz. Since then, wallpaper with floral design has not gone out of fashion.

Wallpapers with floral motifs in the interior

Wallpaper with a floral pattern is a universal wall covering. The same floral pattern on the wallpaper may look different depending on the interior design of the room, its lighting and size. Having many expressions and interpretations, the floral pattern on the wallpaper is found in almost all interior styles: from classics to the avant-garde. The scale of the plant pattern is capable of visually changing the size of the room. Floral wallpaper is often used in combination with monophonic or striped wallpaper. Fans of strict interior do not necessarily have to abandon the floral pattern, the ideal solution in this situation will be the decoration of walls with monochrome or monophonic wallpaper with a relief floral pattern.

Wallpapers with floral motifs in the electronic catalog of the store ProfHome

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