Paintable wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper is a type of paper or non-woven wallpaper, meant for further painting. So answer to the question “Are the wallpaper paintable?” is definitely “Yes”! Paintable wallpaper may be and need to be painted. As a rule, such wallpaper is produced white with deep raised pattern, however there are smooth paintable wallpapers of different colours.

Paintable wallpaper – pros and cons

Paintable wallpaper has gained in great popularity in the recent years. Let us start with pros of use of such wallpaper.

  • Hanging paintable wallpaper, you can not only work out the kinks with no trouble (spots, scratches, etc. on the walls), but also renew interior design of the whole room space easily and quickly.
  • The main feature of base material for paintable wallpaper is its strength. Therefore, such wallpaper is easy to hang. It is holeproof, crease-resistant and pre-shrunk.
  • Using the paint, you can change walls colour or draw any pattern on them. Just use your imagination!
  • Owing to dense structure, paintable wallpaper substantially increases room acoustic insulation and keeps the room warm.

However, using such wallpaper for home improvement, please, bear in mind the following factors:

  • The upper layer of paintable wallpaper is not durable enough and may be easily damaged. Using such wallpaper in corridor, entrance hall or kid’s bedroom, you can easily and quickly eliminate defects, repainting the damaged piece with water-based paint of the same colour.
  • Influenced by ultraviolet light, the paint on the wallpaper fades and pales. Choosing the wallpaper colour, it is quite important to consider the room lighting.

Home design paintable wallpaper ideas

Whether you want to design unusual feature wall, use the following painting methods:

  • Painting wallpaper inner side instead of outer, the selected colour will show through it, but due to unequal density of material, some interesting shading-off will appear from heavy shades to pastel, almost white.
  • After the painting, easily wipe the wallpaper surface with wet cloth or sponge without pressing. The paint will be removed from relief beaked elements, but remain in deepening. Therefore, the pattern will be better visible in general background.
  • To obtain the different colour of relief pattern, apply the shadow paint on the sponge and wipe the wallpaper surface without pressing.
  • You can easily change the colour of paintable wallpaper a number of times. Therefore, if the thin coat is applied on the upper layer, the lower layer colour will show through it. Such method helps to obtain quite interesting shades.

The best paintable wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper includes three types:

  • Paper wallpaper is environmentally friendly, low-cost and easy to hang. However, it is not durable enough and cannot be washed.
  • Non-woven paintable wallpaper is currently the most popular type. It is easy to hang and unhang; it is durable, conceal wall defects well, may be repainted a number of times and washed with wet cloth. Moreover, such wallpaper is marked with affordable price.
  • Fibre optic wallpaper. Being made of quartz fibre, it is durable and time-proof.

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