3D wall decorative panels for houses and flats

Have you got tired of those flat patterns and ornaments on the walls? Would you like to enrich the settings of your room with some textured surface? If so, 3D wall panels present a perfect tool on the the way to achieving such effects. Appropriate lighting applied onto the panels dimensional elements will bring forth a unique play of lights and shadows on the walls and, therefore, will help you create a refined and distinctive atmosphere in your room.

What's more, employing 3D decorative wall panels in the interior offers a great amount of other absolute advantages:

  • Easy installation. You can now forget those expensive, long and dusty redecorations and refurbishments! The backing of the wall panel with 3D effect is equipped with a self-adhesive base which means that you will only need to get a clean, smooth and dry surface ready. Then you will need to start removing the self-adhesive layer little by little carefully affixing the panel to the wall. To finish up, you will use the squeegee to evenly flatten the surface which will ensure the removal of any air from under the panels. And now your walls are done!
  • Outstanding maintenance characteristics. Decorative 3D wall panels can be cleaned with no effort whatsoever. Nearly all the panels from the our range can be wiped with soapy sponge or cloth. Furthermore, all materials used in producing self-adhesive wall panels possess the qualities of high durability and are outstanding in resisting high temperatures, up to 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Easy cutting. Do you have any other surfaces required to be lined with 3D decorative panels? Or do the wall panels not fit your room dimensions? The decorative 3D wall panel can easily be cut into the necessary shape and size by means of a simple cutter!
  • 3D wall panels range of application will be able to match your wildest imaginations! Not only can they be employed in the interior wall decorating. You will also be able to successfully engage them into the lining of the doors, various furniture, household appliances, exhibition stands and advertising boards.
  • Environmental compatibility. Are also you concerned with the safety of the material you use in your interior? If so, you won't get disappointed with the 3D wall panels! They are made from high quality, environmentally-friendly materials, they do not contain PVC or any other harmful components.

Wall panels with 3D effect for interior walls decoration

Prior to buying decorative 3D wall panels we suggest you to have a good look through our on-line catalogue at Profhome.co.uk. Here apart from detailed descriptions, technical characteristics and prices you will also have an advantage of finding a great number of the interior 3D wall panels pictures. However, no picture will ever be able to substitute the feel of the dimensional textured material in your hands. Therefore, if you do wish to get a closer look together with a good feel of the unique texture of a 3-dimensional surface of your particular chosen product you have a great opportunity to order a sample which can be posted to you. In addition, our web-site professional customer support representatives will always be ready to answer any of your queries regarding 3D wall panels, their design, characteristics and appropriate application areas.

Buy decorative wall panels with 3D effect directly from the manufacturer through our on-line store with delivery to your doors

If you are not sure as to where to buy 3D wall panels in the UK we invite you to visit Profhome.co.uk. Our highly-qualified customer service advisers will help to make your experience of buying 3D wall panels quick and easy. They will advise you as to the payment and delivery options and assist you in proceeding with your purchase. Fast delivery service is available to all parts of the UK and other countries world-wide. Delivery terms can be clarified with one of our consultants in each particular case. We wish you luck in choosing your product! Enjoy your shopping!