Kitchen wall panels

Are you looking to decorate your kitchen with a material the appearance and quality of which will continue to please you for many years? Then have a look at kitchen wall panels! In addition to an outstanding quality and distinctive design they are also featured but yet another absolute advantage – a self-adhesive base. Now, the next question is “How to install these wall panels for kitchen?” The answer is simple: just get a clean, flat and dry surface ready and then carefully affix the panel onto this surface. Flatten the sheet with a squeegee in order to prevent any air from being left under the panel – and that’s it! Decorating your kitchen with wall panels will not require much time or effort or any special tools!

Kitchen backsplash panels in interior design

Kitchen often happens to be not only a place where we cook our food but also a place where we meet our guests or family. Therefore, design of decorative material for kitchen plays as important role as do the technical characteristics when it comes to making your choices. The following features of kitchen wall panels prove them to be a perfect decorative material for kitchen:

  • Resistance to various external factors. WallFace wall panels for kitchen are highly durable, moisture resistant and able to withstand high temperatures of up to 140 F. Therefore, they can successfully be employed in decorating practically any part of your kitchen apart probably from the immediate proximity to the stoves. Kitchen glass wall panels covered with a clear acrylic finishing are probably the most reliable option, they are perfect at withstanding abrasion, scratches and exposure to chemicals.
  • Ecological properties. Kitchen glass wall panels are produced from non-hazardous materials, they do not contain PVC which is extremely important for premises where food is being prepared and consumed.
  • Easy maintenance. You will only need a wet sponge to clean your wall panel from any stains.
  • Wide variety of colours and ornaments: kitchen wall panels with glass, wood, stone or leather effect. Everyone will find a suitable design!

Buy wall panels for kitchen backsplash directly from our on-line store with delivery to your doors

Before you actually buy kitchen wall panels you have an opportunity to check all the above qualities and features for yourself. We advise you to order a sample of the product which is of interest to you. Also, we invite you to have a good look through our on-line catalogue at which will provide you with kitchen wall panels photos, prices, descriptions, technical characteristics and other customers’ reviews.
Moreover, our customer support representatives will be happy to assist you in choosing the design, proceeding with the purchase, arranging a delivery and answer any queries you may have. Fast delivery is available to any part of the UK and other countries world-wide. Delivery terms can be clarified with one of our customer service advisers in each particular case. Buying kitchen wall panels in the UK directly from the manufacture at is easy! Enjoy your shopping!