Brass mosaic tiles

Gold offers a perfect way to create an atmosphere of glamour, luxury and wealth. However, mainly because of the high cost of this noble metal, using real gold for interior decoration isn’t always feasible or economical, making it necessary to find a worthy substitute. Brass provides an excellent alternative to gold in terms of both design and performance.

Brass mosaic tiles in the interior space

The design of the brass mosaic tiles makes them perfect for furnishing residential rooms, but also for various commercial premises such as exhibition halls, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. The elegant golden sheen will radically change the interior of almost any room, giving it a more stylish, ultramodern design.

Allow us to draw your attention to one of the main features of the brass mosaic tiles. Being exposed to the elements, over time, through oxidation, a layer of natural patina forms on the surface of the brass. This change in appearance is not necessarily seen as a negative factor, though, as the greenish shade of the patina on a golden background gives the tile an appealing and aesthetic appearance. However, if you prefer a material which won't change in this way, we recommend the titanium mosaic model "Gold". Its appearance closely resembles the colour and texture of brass, but the top layer isn't subject to oxidation.

Buying brass mosaic tiles from our online store with delivery

To make it easier for you to make your choice, our online catalogue contains prices, interior photos, descriptions and detailed technical characteristics (weight, size, etc.) for brass mosaic tiles. You can also make use of our sample ordering service before purchasing.

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