Special wallpaper primer for walls and ceiling

Primer is a sort of suspension coating material, composed of pigments, film-forming filling, solvents, compounding material. It is used to prepare surfaces for further covering with decorative materials, finishing with wall panels or painting. Before starting any decorative or repairing works, it is necessary to bring the walls and ceilings into suitable condition, that is smooth the surface, even its colour differences, ensure optimal adhesion, smooth intake characteristics of the surface without clogging it. Primer for walls and ceilings is can do this.

The primer may be classified by different criteria. Our article deals with two the most spread categories: deep penetration primer and adhesion primer. Deep penetration primer is used for loose porous surfaces, it is able to penetrate into the structure of porous and highly absorbing surfaces, levelling their intake characteristics, strengthening, preventing from full penetration of paint or glue into the surface, thus providing better adhesion. Primer or adhesion base coating is meant for poorly absorbing surfaces, it is also responsible for adhesion. Due to such type of primer, even the poorly absorbing surfaces may be covered with wallpaper, painted or covered with any type of decorative facing panels.

Our primer is a universal base coating for walls and ceilings, it simultaneously possesses properties of adhesion primer and deep penetration primer. Notwithstanding the condition of the walls, we anyway recommend to apply primer before wallpaper hanging or painting.

Peculiarities and primer specific features

As can be seen from the above, we have clarified that walls primer coating is an essential part of any facing work. So, let’s specify that:

  • Our primer for wallpaper and other decorative works is free of any toxic substances and solvents.
  • Wall primer coating ensures occurrence of specific film, which prevents from moist penetration, and has antiseptic and fungicidal function.
  • White primer, due to presence of pigment, is an excellent background for further painting in any colour.
  • Wall treatment with the primer strengthens the surface and protects it against different mechanical damages.
  • Wall primer coating will not take much time and does not need any special skills.

Before selecting the primer, you should fix an amount of required material in advance. It is quite hard to fix the rate of primer use, as primer use per square meter depends both on characteristic features of the primer and intake characteristics of treated surface. For example, for the loose surface with porous structure, primer use per 1 m2 will far exceed primer use for more smooth and less porous surfaces. Therefore, selecting the primer, pay your attention to use rate, stated on the package, and condition of the treated surface. It should be noted that the use of deep penetration primer somehow exceeds the use of other primer types.

Wall treatment with primer. Application method

Below there is a step-by-step instruction of wall treatment with primer, complying with which you’ll easily achieve excellent result:

1. First of all, prepare the tools. The primer may be applied with a roller, brush or spray diffuser.

2. Wall treatment before primer coating should result in getting clean, dry and durable surface. All brows and coarseness should be polished, and the spots and holes should be filled.

3. Operation temperature of primer and treated surface should be at least +5 °С.

4. As a basic layer, the primer should be applied on walls and ceiling non-dissolved.

5. Primer drying time at + 20 С is 8-10 hours.

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