Mosaic Tiles for commercial buildings

The enormous popularity of metal mosaic in the modern market of interior design materials isn’t only due to its unique design and excellent quality, but also its wide range of applications. In addition to the common options for decorating swimming pools, shower rooms and kitchen aprons, the use of metal mosaic tiles has become an excellent solution and a real trend for decorating shops, restaurants, hotels, exhibition halls, casinos, bars and many other commercial or entertainment facilities. Such a mosaic tile is a material for interior decoration that can stand the test of time.

Design of mosaic tiles in commercial buildings

Each material used for the production of metal mosaics has its own character and specific properties that should be considered in order to create a harmonious interior:

  • Copper in the interior looks elegant and original. Such a mosaic tile is perfect for decorating exhibition halls, boutiques or restaurants. Copper mosaic tiles emphasize the individuality of a design and will distinguish it from competitors. But, you need to keep in mind that the surface of copper mosaic tiles is prone to oxidation and the acquisition of a patina. This means the appearance of such a product will change over time, acquiring more and more features of a "time-worn" metal, making this a characteristic to consider when planning a specific look.
  • The golden sparkle of brass will look great when decorating hotels, bars, casinos or other places of entertainment with metal mosaic tiles, creating an atmosphere of celebration, luxury and wealth. It's important to remember, though, that such material also acquires a patina in exposure to air.
  • Mosaics from titanium perfectly imitate the appearance of copper or brass, but aren't as susceptible to corrosion or the resulting patina. So, if you need a material that will retain its original exclusive design throughout its lifetime, titanium mosaic tiles for commercial buildings will suit you best.
  • Mosaic tiles from stainless steel are also perfectly resistant to corrosion and retain their original appearance for a long time, making this tile our recommendation when decorating areas with high humidity.
  • Mosaic tiles made of raw steel have a deep, rich blue-black shade. This is their main distinguishing feature, and makes them best suited for creating a serious and business-like atmosphere in an interior space.

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