on mouldings

Bargain offers on moulding

Exquisite design and excellent quality are the main distinctive features of the mouldings and cornices of the world-famous trademark Orac Decor®. Such decorative elements are the natural choice when decorating an impeccably stylish interior. And in taking advantage of the bargain offers on mouldings, available in our Profhome online store, you can now purchase these moulding decorations at the most affordable prices.

Types of offer available for moulding

Our online shop Profhome offers two types of offer for moulding:

  • Buying mouldings wholesale. Save by buying mouldings not by the piece, but in the form of a whole box. Goods sold by the box have the word "box" at the end of the name, e.g. CX112-box. Careful planning on your part and calculating how many mouldings you'll need for your decoration project can allow you to buy a larger amount and save money.
  • Collaboration with our online shop Profhome. For commercial clients and organizations, our Profhome online store offers various bonuses, actions and discounts when purchasing Orac Decor® mouldings. Contact our support team for further information on such mutually beneficial collaboration.

Enjoy your shopping!