Cabin Mosaic Tiles Collection

Modern trends in the design of kitchens and bathrooms are increasingly moving away from excessive fussiness and frills, focusing on maximum conciseness and functionality of design. Not one to ignore such developments, the Australian company ALLOY has released an innovative kind of decorating material in the form of a metal mosaic tile collection named Cabin. The severe lines of this rectangular tile combine with the distinctive colours and sheen of various metals, making the Cabin mosaic tile an excellent design idea when decorating rooms in cutting-edge styles such as hi-tech, pop art or minimalism.

Design of Cabin mosaic tiles collection

Cabin mosaic tiles not only give a surface a more stylish and refined appearance, but also offer good protection from various external influences. Made of high-quality alloyed metal, these massive tiles are characterized by good mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Another characteristic of the Cabin mosaic tile collection is the wide range of choice between different metals, colours and forms. For example, you'll find luxurious sparkling brass, exquisite natural copper, the elegant dark tone of raw steel, as well as the inimitable authentic gleam of titanium or stainless steel. In choosing one of the 14 variants of the metal mosaic in this ALLOY collection, you can easily realize your boldest interior design projects.

All these materials differ not only in their unique design, but also in their specific performance features. The main property of titanium or stainless steel, for example, is its high corrosion resistance, which is why this type of mosaic tile is most often used for decorating areas that are particularly susceptible to external influences: near taps, washbasins, and showers, etc. Copper, brass and raw steel are materials that, under the influence of atmospheric factors and over time acquire a natural patina, which gradually changes their look. The final appearance of such products will therefore be absolutely unique and unparalleled, depending on the environment in which the mosaic is installed.

Below is a list of the main characteristics of the Cabin mosaic tiles collection:

  • Tile size: 40 x 12 mm
  • Tiles per sheet: 184 pcs
  • Sheet dimensions: 329 x 316 x 1.6 mm
  • Sheets per package: 10 pcs
  • Total surface area: 1.01 m2
  • Package weight: 14.54 kg

To help you make your choice, our online catalogue for Cabin mosaic tiles presents prices, interior photos, descriptions and detailed technical characteristics (weight, size, etc.). Here you can also make use of our sample ordering service.

Once you've made your choice, buying such metal mosaic tiles from the Cabin collection is easy, thanks to our quick and simple ordering procedure. If you have further questions, please contact us. Our customer support team will help you to make a purchase and, if necessary, organize fast delivery to any country in the world.

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