Structure wall panel collection

The WallFace panels from the Structure wall panel collection as the name suggests are characterized by pronounced relief decorative surface. A variety of embossed ornaments of these panels or imitation of the relief of natural materials is achieved by thermal treatment of the base of impact-resistant polystyrene, and their color design is achieved by applying a special lacquer film to the surface of the panels.

Structure panel by means of visual effect can be divided into the following models:

  • Corrugated or chased metal
  • Stone texture
  • Woody texture
  • Bulk baroque or floral ornament
  • Three-dimensional abstract ornament
  • Crocodile skin texture

For people who like strict lines in the interior, this collection offers wall panels in stripes or with a rhombic pattern. Self-adhesive decorative Structure wall panel is characterized by a characteristic metallic or lacquer reflow.

Structure wall panels in the interior space

Structure wall panel collection offers a wide range of design solutions for the decoration of different kinds of premises. Embossed and corrugated panels in imitation of metal with a glossy and matte ground surface perfectly fit into the interior, designed in the style of loft, high-tech and modern. This decoration looks very impressive in the premises of the hotel and restaurant business, in exhibition halls and other commercial premises. The catalog of the online store presents a wide range of WallFace Structure wall panels in various colors.