Striped wallpaper

Striped wallpaper is the simplest type of pattern wallpaper. No wonder that striped wallpaper are so popular. Striped wallpaper is used almost in any interior design, from classic to avant-gardism.

Striped wallpapers types and combinations in interior design

Striped wallpaper in room design may be divided in two types:

  • Striped wallpaper horizontal. Such wallpapers visually widen the walls. That’s why they are commonly used in the small rooms. Striped wallpaper horizontal with two or three colours combinations is often used.
  • Stripes wallpaper vertical. Such wallpaper is commonly used in the rooms with low ceiling, as is visually stretches the room space.

Striped wallpaper in interior design

The use of striped wallpaper for interior design has a number of nuances:

  • For the bedroom, it is better to choose light striped wallpapers, which will create the feeling of quietness and relaxation.
  • Striped wallpaper in living or drawing room design should be selected, depending on the stylistic features of the room. The general rule is to use striped wallpaper horizontal for modern designs, and the vertical stripes better suit the classical styles. It is commonly known that there is an exception from any rule. For example, black and white striped wallpaper for walls are widely used in modern minimalism or constructivism styles.
  • Striped wallpaper for children’s room is selected, as follows: for playing and entertainment zone it’s better to choose brighter and contrast colours, which make the child more active, and for rest zone select light pastel green, blue, white or yellow stripes.
  • Striped wallpaper for the kitchen should be selected, considering specific features of this room in terms of high humidity and exposure to pollution. Dark stripes are less smut, however they look a bit darkly. The light stripes give the feeling of merriment and vivacity, however they may easily become dirty and even the smallest defects are easy-to-see. Therefore, it necessary to hang the wallpaper in such a way, that the wall near the stove, table or kitchen fixtures would be covered with darker stripes.
  • For the lobby and corridor, it’s better to choose the lighter stripes, which look better in artificial light.

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