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Types of interior decorative wall panels

Are you tired of boring and monotonous designs? Do you want to breathe new life into the interior of your premises? If it were before, interior designers paid attention primarily to the functionality of the materials used when decorating, however, today visual effect plays a big role.

In the product catalog of the online store you will find a large number of different types of WallFace interior decorative wall panels and you will certainly choose the suitable design! All our wall panels are characterized by advantages such as environmental friendliness, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance and durability. And thanks to the self-adhesive base panels, you can update your interior space by yourself and quickly! Forget about long, dusty and heavy repairs. Prepare a smooth and clean surface, gently glue the panel on it, smooth out with a rubber roller and enjoy the exclusive decor of our wall panels!

Unlike wall coverings made of natural materials, our wall panels are easy to install and significantly cheaper than decorative panels of real leather, marble or metal. For the convenience of navigation, we divided the wall panels according to the visual effect.

Wall panels with various visual effects

Our wide range offers several varieties of WallFace wall panels. By combining the panels into groups, we have simplified the search for products that meet your requirements to a great extent. In this article, we'll talk about the types of panels that are grouped into one category by the criterion "visual effect". The subdivision of panels into views according to the visual effect will facilitate the choice of decoration when decorating rooms in this or that interior style:

  • For example, if your chosen design involves the use of natural stone, you should visit the category “stone effect wall panels." In it you will find decorative coatings for marble or concrete. This grouping will allow you to visually compare different panels within a single visual effect.
  • Decorative panels are used not only for wall decoration. They are used for pasting exhibition stands, billboards, furniture and even accessories. Wall panels with bright and exotic visual effects will be a catch for commercial enterprises: they will certainly draw attention to your products! This is primarily about coatings such as wall mirror panels, panels under glass and fur.
  • You should also pay attention to the character of the premises, in order to understand what kind of WallFace wall panels is better used. For example, for a cabinet or office, decorated in a classic style, the leather wall panels is perfect. Wood effect wall panels will be the perfect finishing of rooms in country style. In an interior with a loft style it is possible decorate it with metal effect wall panel.

To understand the wide range of visual effects we offer, please visit the electronic catalog of our online store It presents photos of various types of wall panels, their prices, description, specifications and customer reviews. We wish you a successful selection and enjoy your shopping!