Wall panels for furniture decorations

Are looking for the ways to restore your old furniture, hide those scuff marks and scratches which have appeared over the years or have you just simply got bored with an unchanging interior design at home or workplace? You might be looking for a suitable decorative material but have got lost in the variety of those available on the market these days. If so, we invite you to have a look at wall panels when consider your furniture design DIY ideas. Apart from the unique design and an outstanding quality, decorative wall panels for furniture offer yet another absolute advantage in comparison to other decorating options (such as, for example, lining your furniture with veneer). Wall panels for furniture are equipped with a self-adhesive base which allows quick and simple furniture DIY redecorations.

Decorating your furniture with wall panels

Remember the following when decorating your furniture with wall panels:

  • It is important not to let your new furniture design in any way to interfere with its functioning. For instance, covering a kitchen table with perforated wall panels will make its cleaning substantially more complicated and, thus, chances are, the table itself less functional.
  • Keep in mind the bearing capabilities of the piece of furniture as well. Thus, delicate furniture is best to be decorated with the lightweight materials.
  • You should also take into account the characteristics and qualities of the surface of the material itself. Varnished or other smooth surface does not have good absorbing qualities. Therefore, to prolong and enhance their functioning it is advisable for such material to undergo some preparatory treatment (sanding and/or coating with a premier) or you would need to use some extra glue.
  • Ecological properties. Do not be afraid to use decorative self-adhesive furniture design DIY panels in your kitchen or bedroom. They, unlike other finishing materials, do not contain PVC and, thus, present a trendy option for lining wardrobes or sliding-door wardrobes, bedheads or even kitchen splashbacks.

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