Soft wall panels for houses and flats

You are looking to create a really unique and elegant design in your interior but are not sure as to what style will best suit your purposes? We would draw your attention here to our range of soft quilted leather wall panels or quilted stainless steel wall panels! Having appeared on the market not so long ago they steadily gained great popularity in decorating both private houses and flats as well as various hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities.

And this is of no surprise indeed, since, apart from a distinctive design, they have a good range of absolute advantages when compared to other decorative finishing materials:

  • Safety. All our quilted wall panels are manufactured from environmentally-friendly and non-hazardous materials which do not contain PVC. Thus, you wouldn't need to worry about harmful effects of the decorative finishing materials you use in your interior.
  • Quick and simple installation. Have you got tired of those long-lasting dusty redecorations? Why keep bothering with that then? The back side of each quilted wall panel is equipped with a self-adhesive base layer. Therefore, you won't need any prior experience in order to complete your interior design renovation all by yourself without any extra assistance.
  • Easy maintenance. Many people are of the opinion that fancy design of textured decorative surface material will demand extra effort in looking after them. Rest assured that this does not in any case apply to the quilted wall panels. Our textured surface wall panels are characterised by an outstanding high temperatures and moisture resistance. They can easily be cleaned with a soft wet cloth or a sponge.
  • Elestisity and light weight. These features ensure easy transportation as well as uncompicated installation of quilted wall panels.

Decorative quilted wall panels in the interior design

Decorative quilted wall panels with leather look have gained special popularity these days. They will easily fit both antique and classic designs as well as the modern one. Combine quilted wall panels with wood carving to achieve sophisticated look. Soft wall panels can successfully be employed in decorating bed-rooms. Well apart from an aesthetic component these wall panels will enhance an acoustic insulation of your room and also will help to retain heat. Due to their insulating properties decorative soft wall panels with textured surface are extensively used in decorating home cinemas, conference rooms and offices.

Buy quilted wall panels in the UK trough our on-line store with delivery to your doors

Before you buy soft wall panels either for your house or flat or business premises do order a sample of your chosen product. Having only paid a token price of a sample you get an opportunity to receive by post a fragment of an original product, get assured about its qualities and make a final decision as to whether it will fit your interior. Moreover, Profhome.co.uk on-line catalogue will provide you with an extensive amount of quilted wall panels pictures, their prices, detailed descriptions and technical characteristics.
Our customer service representatives will always be happy to answer any of your queries, advise on payment and delivery options and assist you in proceeding with your purchase. Fast delivery is available to any part of the UK and other countries world-wide. Delivery terms can be clarified with our customer support representative in each particular case. Enjoy your shopping!