Diamond Mosaic Tiles Collection

The mosaic tiles in the Diamond collection with their solid metal, rhombic-shaped tiles seem to have been deliberately created in order to stand out against the background, to attract attention and fascinate with their distinct shape and the brilliance of natural metal.

Design of Diamond mosaic tile collection

A rhombus as part of your interior decoration is always bright and defiant, focusing maximum attention on itself. That's why the Diamond mosaic tiles are often used to decorate surfaces that need to catch the eye. For example, this design has found wide distribution not only in the furnishing of living rooms, but also for various areas in hotels, restaurants or entertainment venues. The solidity of massive all-metal tiles gives the interior a more serious and representative look, and the rhombic ornament of the mosaic complements and builds on other straight lines in the rest of the room's decoration.

In order to help you find the particular variety of Diamond mosaic tile that is ideal for your interior design ideas, this collection includes fourteen different colour and structural variants from five different types of metal.

Copper, brass and raw steel have a stylish design, but when exposed to external factors, they acquire a touch of patina, giving them an "aged" or "vintage" look. If you prefer the surface of the tile to remain unchanged over time, then choose Diamond mosaics made of stainless steel or titanium. These tiles don't fade or lose their original sheen when installed in the open air, even in places that are particularly exposed to moisture, sunlight or temperature fluctuations.

These are the main characteristics of the Diamond mosaic tile collection:

  • Tile size: 20 x 20 mm
  • Tiles per sheet: 200 pcs
  • Sheet dimensions: 319 x 319 x 1.6 mm
  • Sheets per package: 10 pcs
  • Total surface area: 0.91 m2
  • Package weight: 12.66 kg

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