by Grammage

Paintable non-woven lining paper by density

Whether you want to align and strengthen the walls or ceilings of an old building, or you intend to renovate a newer building, paintable non-woven lining paper from the German company e-Delux is the perfect material to help you realize any such projects.

As a result of the differences in density (grammage), the various paintable non-woven lining papers have different reinforcing characteristics, and are designed to be used for different surfaces. For example, repair material with a lower grammage is ideal for perfectly level, smooth ceilings and walls or other surfaces with minor defects, while denser lining paper (with a higher grammage) is better suited for surfaces with more serious defects such as medium-sized or larger cracks and cavities.

Range of paintable non-woven lining paper

In our online catalogue of paintable non-woven lining papers you'll find a lot of useful information that will help you to choose the correct repair material for your needs. We therefore strongly recommend that you read in detail the description of each category of paintable non-woven lining paper, before making your purchase, so that you're able to find the ideal solution for your rooms.