Wall mouldings for facades

Since ancient times, the monumental and refined design of facade mouldings has been a symbol for prosperity, high status and excellent taste. The only thing that has changed since those times is the material used to produce such mouldings. Previously, decorative elements were made of stone, gypsum or wood – materials that age, and are slowly but surely destroyed when exposed to the elements. However, progress doesn’t stand still and today façade mouldings are made of the modern high-tech material Purotouch®. This has numerous positive properties and advantages, which are presented below.

Advantages of facade moulding from the Profhome online store

Orac Decor® facade moulding from the Profhome online store is an excellent solution for decorating the external walls of a building. Its advantages for this type of application are:

Resistance to external influences. Facade moulding doesn't discolour (turn yellow), crack or deform under the influence of moisture, ultraviolet radiation or seasonal temperature changes.

Easy to install. The lightness and strength of the decorative elements make it easy and quick to apply the moulding to the facade of a building. To ensure a strong and reliable connection between both, we recommend using the Orac DecoFix Hydro adhesive, which is designed specifically for use in the open air or in wet conditions.

Possibility of painting. To make facade mouldings better harmonise with the exterior of your house, they can easily be painted in any required colour.

Facade moulding from the Profhome online store gives you an option for decorating the external walls of your building that is not only stylish and exquisite, but also high-quality and long-lasting!

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In our online catalogue there are photos, prices and a detailed description of all technical characteristics of facade moulding. Also, you can order a sample of the goods by mail and personally experience the numerous advantages described above. Once you've made your choice, you can easily buy facade moulding thanks to our quick and simple ordering procedure. Should you still have any questions, please contact us. Our support staff will help you to make your purchase and, if necessary, organise fast express delivery to any country in the world.