Decorative Marble effect wall panel for interior decoration

WallFace marble effect wall panels will be an excellent solution in cases where the use of natural marble for wall decoration is not financially available, but its unique decor is so necessary for decoration of premises.

Compared to natural marble, marble effect wall panels have several advantages:

  • Light weight. Thanks to this advantage, the marble panels are easily transported and installed alone.
  • Self-adhesive base. Decorative panels with marble effect are equipped with a self-adhesive base, which also greatly facilitates the installation process.
  • Protective covering. Virtually all WallFace marble effect wall panels are characterized by acrylic coating, which provides them with excellent protection against moisture, abrasion and other external influences.
  • Safe for health. Like natural marble, the wall panels are absolutely ecological and safe for health.

Thanks to these advantages, as well as exclusive designs, marble effect wall panels are widely used for furnishing the kitchen and bathroom. Their scope is not limited to wall only. Most of the marble wall panels are laser cut or cut using a special saw. Thus, they can be given the desired shape and size for facing furniture and other surfaces. Acrylic coating provides panels with excellent protection against moisture, nevertheless it is necessary to seal the seams with silicone to prevent water from entering the joints of the panels and thereby forming mold and fungus.

Marble effect wall panels catalog

In the presented catalog you can see the photo of marble effect wall panels, get acquainted with their prices, description and technical characteristics. Also, you can order samples of the goods you are interested in by mail to personally verify their advantages, excellent quality and take a weighted, thoughtful decision to purchase. Also you should pay attention to the fact that most WallFace marble effect wall panels are inflexible. They are transported on pallets, so you can be sure that they will not be damaged during transportation and arrive intact and in safely.

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