AXXENT DuropolymerⓇ Moulding

Since ancient times moulding has been used to give the interior of a room a more refined, luxurious and representative appearance. The only thing that has changed in the meantime is the material used. The mouldings in the Orac Decor AXXENT collection are made from the modern high-quality material DuropolymerⓇ, which is an extruded and shock-resistant polymer based on high-density polystyrene.

This type of moulding is in no way inferior to classical plaster and wooden variants, and in fact considerably surpasses them in terms of its exceptional characteristics:

  • Orac AXXENT moulding is durable and moisture resistant. You can easily keep it clean with a damp sponge.
  • In comparison to the classical versions, duropolymer moulding has a lighter weight and is more flexible, greatly facilitating its transportation and installation.
  • Products in the Orac AXXENT Decor collection don't contain toxic substances and are safe for health. In addition to these characteristics, such moulding is also flame resistant, ensuring a higher level of fire safety in your home.
  • The shock-resistant property of the AXXENT moulding collection enables it to be widely used as skirting boards, or for door and window frames.
  • With the help of water-based acrylic paints, the AXXENT Orac Decor mouldings from duropolymer can be given any desired colour. Paint performs not only a decorative function, but is also recommended for ensuring resistance to UV rays.

Online catalogue of duropolymer AXXENT mouldings

In our online store Profhome, images and interior photos of Orac AXXENT mouldings are presented. You'll also find a price, description and technical characteristics for each product. If you want to get a better feel for these decorative moulding products, please contact us to order a sample. Don’t let the abundance of choices bother you. Our professional customer support team will gladly help you to choose and purchase Orac AXXENT moulding. Enjoy your shopping!