Paper wallpaper

Paper based wallpaper is considered one of the most commonly used wall covering options. The base of such wallpaper is paper covered with the printed pattern or decorative coating, such as vinyl, etc. Paper based wallpaper for walls is characterized with varying design and will excellently suit for interior design of your apartment.

Paper based wallpaper – pros and cons

The main advantages of wallpaper on paper basis include:

  • Easy hanging.
  • Wide choice of various designs.
  • Well-breathable.

The main disadvantage of wallpaper on paper basis with printed pattern without coating may be its weakness for mechanical damages. Therefore, it is not washable, which limits the scope of use. It should me mentioned that we do not have a choice of such wallpaper. All our wallpaper on paper basis has vinyl coating, resistant to mechanical damages.

It stands to mention that paper based wallpaper has recently lost ground. Non-woven wallpapers takes over them. Their high price is offset by good performance characteristics.

How to glue wallpaper on paper basis is stated below:

Before starting to glue wallpaper on paper basis a scope of preparatory works should be performed. The purpose of such works is to achieve smoothness, dryness, cleanness and durability of glued surface. All old coatings (paint, wallpaper, plaster, etc.) should be removed, all uneven surfaces should be smoothened, and low spots shall be filled with putty. The even smooth surface allows gluing any blown vinyl wallpaper on paper basis butt to butt. Such way of hanging of wallpaper linen is the most aesthetic, especially as our assortment offers a wide range of various patterns, which should be glued, considering the rapport order.

After that mark and cut paper based wallpaper in strips. Please, consider the rapport order, especially when we talk about biased rapport.

The next step is preparing of wallpaper paste. Strictly complying with the instruction on the package, dilute the mixture with water and mix to avoid the clumps.

Apply the wallpaper paste evenly on the linen and on the walls. Consider the quantity of applied wallpaper paste, since the paper tends to get soaked and be damaged if affected by water. Waiting for a time, specified in instruction, you may proceed to gluing. To avoid the difficulties in preparation, you may use prepared glue.

Vinyl wallpaper on paper basis

All vinyl wallpaper on paper basis are divided into two types:

  • Foamed wallpaper on a paper basis. In the process of production, under the influence of high temperatures, aerial chemical compounds vaporize from the vinyl coating, creating porous or “foamed” structure. Foamed wallpapers on a paper basis are characterized with clear relief pattern and possess good moisture resistant qualities.
  • Production of vinyl hot-stamping is made by pattern pressing stamping on the wallpaper surface after high-temperature exposure. Such wallpapers have better resistance qualities to external effects and inimitable relief pattern.

Buy wallpaper on paper basis in online store with delivery

To buy wallpaper on paper basis in online store, please, contact the customer support service on our website. Professional managers will kindly consult you as to price of vinyl wallpaper on paper basis, available payment methods and help to place the order and delivery of goods. We provide quick delivery worldwide. You can check delivery terms with our manager. Please, note that price of vinyl wallpaper on paper basis in the catalogue is specified for one roll. Enjoy your shopping!