Embossed heavyweight wallpaper

Embossed wallpaper

Embossed wallpaper differ not only with elegant and good structural decorative surface but also with practicability. Embossed wallpapers are very popular, hardly anybody is attracted by usual printed pattern, buyers want to see a relief ornament on the walls of their apartments and houses. Their manufacturing technology is different, the same as the texture of embossed wallpapers and correspondingly price of the embossed wallpapers. Hot embossed wallpapers and blown vinyls are embossed wallpapers, they differ in technology of applying vinyl coating. Such kinds of textured wallpapers as paper embossed wallpaper and non-woven embossed wallpapers differ in base material where you can apply vinyl coating.

In comparison with usual print wallpapers, embossed wallpapers have a range of advantages:

  • More long-living.
  • Resistant to humidity, ultraviolet and mechanical damages.
  • Due to material thickness and density, they perfectly hide wall defects.
  • Improve heat insulation.

Distinguishing features of embossed wallpapers

  • Embossed wallpapers are one of the most convincing and cheap ways to imitate various surfaces made of natural materials: stone, wood, brick setting, granitic chips etc. Such wallpapers differ with realistic appearance and are true-to-life by touch.
  • Hot embossed wallpapers are characterized with strongly pronounced structure, high density and high-tensile. They can be washed with a brush having no fear of damaging their structure.
  • One-colour embossed wallpapers as well as embossed paintable wallpapers are a perfect solution for those who prefer a strict and elegant interior style.

Embossed wallpapers in the goods catalogue

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