Living Room

Wallpaper combination for living room

Do you like to arrange huge, crowded meetings? Do you want your gusts feel comfortable and relaxed at your home? Using a wallpaper combination for the living room will help to solve these issues and bring your home original and impressive design. In addition two color wall combination for living room will help to change visual perception of size of the room and hide possible defects in the walls.

How to combine wallpaper for the living room

There are some traditional ways of combining wallpaper in the living room, among which you will surely find something that will fit your needs best:

  • Horizontal combination. The method, which is considered to be classic when the upper and lower parts of the walls are of different color or texture. Not suitable for room with low ceiling as horizontal division visually lowers it. Vertical combination. In addition to interesting two color wall combination for living room, this method can help make the ceiling visually high, and the walls - shorter.

Highlighting of zones. This technique allows us to solve a number of problems:

  • Creating the most favorable background for the main element of the interior. For example, one can identify the place where the picture hangs in such a color that best accentuate all its advantages.
  • Highlighting of boundaries of different zones of the room. Two color wall combination for living room can separate the kitchen from the room in an apartment-studio or work zone with a table and chairs from the recreation zone with a sofa and armchairs.
  • Visual "shortening" of the wall, due to its division into separate areas.

Highlighting one wall with bright, eye-catching patterns or colors that can distract attention away from the wall defects and give design originality and dynamics. Even the most complicated case - a wall flaw, located opposite the door, can be avoided if the other wall diverts the attention of people entering the room.

Inserts of wallpaper. They are used solely for decorative purposes, to create a more vibrant and diverse design of the living room with two color wallpaper. These inserts are better placed in the most conspicuous places: in front of doors or sofa, over the table or fireplace.

Two color wallpaper combination for living room

In order to combine the two colors wallpaper in the living room properly, you need to know where and how to apply one or another color.

  • Inserts of red color and its shades look best in large, spacious rooms. Do you want to draw the attention of visitors to the original design bookcase or the beauty of the picture? Highlight its location with shades of red, and they just will not go unnoticed!
  • The green color provides emotional rest and doesn’t tire eyes. When a certain combination of furniture and two colors of wallpaper in the living room, large plasma screen will be ideal for the green background. In such an interior nothing distracts you from watching your favorite movies!
  • So as your living room always looked fresh and fashionable - use lilac color. It looks fantastic paired with white or beige!
  • White, gray and black color will give your living room elegance and refinement. It combines well with any other colors.
  • If there is a lot of wooden furniture in your living room - brown color combined with gold ornaments will look very solid and respectable.
  • Interior design ideas for living room wallpaper combination

    So that living room design with combined living room wallpaper looked really amazing, it is very important not only to choose the right color and texture of combination wallpaper, but also correctly combine them with other interior elements.

  • It is very important, for example, that furniture does not overlap an accent wall.
  • The height of the line of separation of the wallpaper in horizontal zoning better to choose depending on the level of the sill or furniture.
  • To smooth the imbalance from very bright accent wall, elements of the opposite wall are also recommended to make bright and catchy.
  • Buy wallpaper combination for living room online with shipping

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