Kitchen Mosaic tiles

Today it’s difficult to imagine a modern, functional high-tech kitchen, decorated without the use of metallic elements. The unique shade of metal and its exquisite sheen can help to accentuate the stylistic harmony and exclusivity of your interior.

Design of mosaic tiles in the kitchen interior

The following recommendations will help you when choosing and installing metal mosaic tiles for the kitchen:

  • Material. The most popular types of mosaic tile in the kitchen are ones made of stainless steel or titanium, as such furnishing materials have excellent resistance to external influences and retain their cutting-edge design throughout their lifetime. If you prefer to give your kitchen a more antique or "vintage" look, then it's better to use a mosaic tile made of copper or brass, which will oxidize over time and acquire a layer of natural patina.
  • Location. Mosaic tiles can be laid to cover an entire kitchen wall, or only on part(s) of it. Most often, metal mosaic is used in the form of a kitchen apron over a table, stove or sink.
  • Geometric form. If the furniture and all kitchen appliances contain sharp corners, then the mosaic tiles should reflect this and also consist of squares, triangles, rhombuses, etc. If, however, the design of the room is dominated by rounded, smooth lines, then we recommend choosing circles and other such forms for the tiles. Thanks to the variety available in our online catalogue, you can easily select a kitchen mosaic tile in the desired shape and colour, and realize any design idea.

Buying kitchen mosaic tiles in our online store with delivery

In order to make it easier for you to compare and choose, our online catalogue of mosaic tiles for the kitchen includes prices, interior photos, descriptions and detailed technical characteristics (weight, size, etc.) of these products. You can also order samples.

Once you've made your choice, buying a kitchen mosaic tile is no problem, thanks to our quick and simple order procedure. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our customer support team will help you to make a purchase and, if necessary, organize fast delivery to any country in the world.

Enjoy your shopping!