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Orac Decor Ceiling Tiles

Let’s turn our attention to antiquity and remember the coffered ceilings of Ancient Greece. Recreating this unique atmosphere and accurately reproducing the antique design in a contemporary room requires an exclusive, high-quality finish. That’s exactly what Orac Decor ceiling panels are for. Refined and always relevant, our filigree relief ornaments will instantly transform your premises into a real palace.

Range of application and installation of polyurethane Orac Decor ceiling tiles

Our ceiling tiles from polyurethane are a high-quality imitation of plaster mouldings. Compared with plaster, polyurethane products are shockproof, water resistant, lightweight, and easily installed with a special mounting adhesive.

Polyurethane Orac Decor ceiling panels are the best choice for the fast and practical but stylish decoration of ceilings. Such ornamentation is not only an original design idea, but also an ideal solution if your ceiling is problematic: small irregularities, cracks and other flaws will be eliminated without the use of tools and building materials.

The ceiling tiles from Orac Decor are distinguished by a universal design: classical and at the same time reserved. This enables them to match and embellish the most diverse interior styles: from antique to high-tech. So, for example, in combination with wall bas-reliefs they recreate an atmosphere reminiscent of ancient times. And, in combination with other more modern ceiling and wall moulding elements, they can create an incomparable futuristic style. Orac Decor ceiling panels are multifunctional elements - they're also usable as wall and door finishes.

Our decorative polyurethane mouldings should be painted. Such treatment with different paints and varnishes expands the scope of these ceiling tiles. With the help of paint or varnish a polyurethane coffered ceiling can be made to resemble terracotta, wooden marble or concrete, for instance.

Online catalogue of Orac Decor ceiling tiles

In our online catalogue there are images and interior photos showing the Orac Decor ceiling tiles. Each article is accompanied by a description of the product and its technical characteristics. In the same section, you'll also find the prices. In our online store you'll be able to place your order and buy Orac Decor ceiling tiles. If you have any questions related to the products or ordering, please contact our customer support team. Enjoy your shopping!