Pk Mosaic Tiles Collection

Both interior and exterior designers are familiar with the problem of choosing a suitable decorating material for specific places such as a bathroom, shower or kitchen. Traditionally, for the design of these areas, ceramic tiles have been used, as they’re easy to look after and have good resistance to external influences. However, modern technologies and fashion trends don’t stand still and metal is increasingly being used to decorate such surfaces today. The Australian company ALLOY decided to take this development a step further and began to manufacture a mosaic tile consisting entirely of solid metal. Thus was born the mosaic tile collection Pk.

Design of Pk mosaic tile collection

A metal mosaic has all the desirable characteristics of ceramic tiles, but it also has a number of advantages that are exclusive to this decorating material, such as its high mechanical strength, hygiene, uniqueness and durability.

The urban design of the Pk mosaic is perfect for the decoration of ultramodern, stylish interiors. Small rectangular tiles add "energy" and dynamism, and the unique tone and sheen of natural metal underline the individuality of the chosen style.

To help you to implement any design idea, the range of Pk mosaics includes five variants made of stainless steel, six types of titanium tiles, and further variants of copper, brass and crude steel. Thanks to this wide range, even the most demanding buyer will be able to find the most suitable decorating material.

If you're looking for a material that doesn't lose its unique brilliance even in areas exposed to harmful external influences, then we'd like to draw your attention to the Pk mosaic tile in stainless steel or titanium. If, however, you prefer the finishing material to gradually change over time, acquiring a noble shade of "aged" metal, then we suggest a mosaic made of copper, brass, or raw steel.

Below is a list of the main characteristics of the Pk mosaic tile collection:

  • Tile size: 40 x 12 mm
  • Tiles per sheet: 161 pcs
  • Sheet dimensions: 309 x 316 x 1.6 mm
  • Sheets per package: 10 pcs
  • Total surface area: 0.88 m2
  • Package weight: 9.8 kg

To help you find something suitable, our online catalogue contains prices, interior photos, descriptions and the detailed technical characteristics (weight, size, etc.) of these products. You can also order samples.

After making your choice, you can easily buy a mosaic tile from the Pk collection, passing through a quick and simple order process. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our customer support team will help you to make a purchase and, if necessary, organize fast delivery (express) to any country in the world. Enjoy your shopping!