Moulded Pediments

A frontispiece (from the front part of a wall) is part of the facade of a structure, enclosed by the roof slopes on the sides and the cornice at the base. In a more narrow sense, a pediment or frontispiece refers to the upper part of a door or window frame. This decorative element is anything but trivial in the design of a building’s exterior, as it will always draw the eye of passersby. Therefore, it’s very important to choose not only an aesthetically attractive, but also a durable moulded decorative element that will neither deteriorate nor lose its exquisite design under the influence of the environment. These are exactly the features that characterize the range of Orac Decor® pediments and frontispieces.

Moulded Pediments in the interior and exterior space

Made of the modern high-tech material Purotouch®, Orac Decor® pediments have many advantages over products made from other materials:

  • Simple installation. Due to its lightness and strength, the installation of a pediment doesn't require any special effort or skills. Simply glue the decorative element to the surface, wait for the adhesive to dry, and you're done!
  • High quality. Our moulded pediments and frontispieces have exceptional characteristics, such as resistance to moisture, shock, ultraviolet and temperature changes. They're also easily cleaned, don't deform and don't turn yellow over time.
  • Unique design. Thanks to modern production techniques, the decorative moulded pediment is an exquisite ornament with many small details, which gives the pediments and frontispieces an exclusive, unique charm.
  • Painting. You can easily change the design of the decorative element, giving it any desired colour shade.
  • Safety. Orac Decor® pediments are an absolutely environmentally-friendly furnishing material that doesn't contain toxic substances.

The unique design and excellent performance characteristics have given the pediments and frontispieces quite a wide range of applications for both exterior and interior furnishings. Fretwork in the form of a pediment can be used as a frame for the upper part of a door or window opening, a decorative fireplace, a niche, a bookshelf, a library or any other architectural composition. In addition, there's nothing preventing you from using your imagination and using the pediments anywhere else.

Buying moulded pediments and frontispieces in our online store

In order to make it easier for you to make a choice, our online catalogue includes prices, interior photos, descriptions and detailed technical characteristics (weight, size, etc.) for these products.

When you've made your choice, you can easily buy moulded pediments and frontispieces, thanks to our quick and simple ordering procedure. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our support team will help you to make a purchase and, if necessary, organize fast delivery to any country in the world. Good luck with your purchase!