Living Room

Living room wallpaper

You should treat seriously the choice of living room wallpaper, as living room is often a main room in any house apartment. Do you want it to look nice and impressive? Do you want your guests not only would be impressed with originality of your designers solutions, but feel comfortable and cosy in the living room? – follow recommendations, stated in this article, and you will easily choose beautiful living room wallpaper, which will add it necessary atmosphere and charm.

What living room wallpaper to choose

As well as for all rooms of your apartment, living room wallpaper must have some specific properties, specific only for this room.

The most actual of them are given below:

  • Living room wallpaper should be washed and cleaned easily, and to be protected well against mechanical damages, as a big number of people will be in this room.
  • As there are usually many large windows in the living room, living room wallpaper must not get affected by sunlight. Because if the room is situated on the south side, your wallpaper can lose its impressive view.
  • One more moment, which should be paid attention to is environmental compatibility of living room wallpaper. There will be many guests in the living room, therefore, this room should be papered with breathable wallpaper.
  • Apart from the rest, wallpaper must visually please you and your guests, so you should also pay attention tо the choice of wallpaper designs for living room.

For making the choice easier you can use catalogue of online store, where you can look through feature wallpaper for living room, and get acquainted with their technical characteristics.

Modern design of living room wallpaper

In this section you can find materials, using which you can easily create modern design of living room wallpaper :

  • Non-woven wallpaper. Apart from the fact that such living room wallpaper will increase heat and sound isolation of premises, it will look very well in any apartment design.
  • Vinyl “fabric” wallpaper today is the most fashionable living room wallpaper, as they better than others will help you to create in your living room the atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Besides, they are quite resistant to dirt and ultraviolet.

Interior of living room with wallpaper

Apart from all the rest, choosing wallpaper designs for living room, you should consider how the wallpaper will be combined with furniture in premises.

  • If there is dark furniture in the living room, it is recommended to choose the wallpaper of light colours with small pattern.
  • If the furniture is of bright and light tones, wallpaper must shade and damp it.
  • If the colour of furniture consists of more than two colours, it is best to use wallpaper of neutral, grey colours, as the colour accent in this case will be on furniture.

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