Wall panels of the Leather collection

This collection includes self-adhesive wall coverings that mimic natural leather. This category combines wall panels and is absolutely different in design and color, but characterized by one common distinctive feature: panels of the Leather collection accurately replicate a natural leather cover in all its imaginable aspects.

Down here you'll find these imitations:

  • Smooth leather surface
  • Quilted leather
  • bonded leather
  • Embossed leather with various decorative patterns
  • Leather with rhinestones
  • Leather of exotic animals

Wall panels from the Leather collection in interior space

Many believe that in order to make the room look decent, solid and exclusive, you should completely change the interior: buy new furniture, accessories, replace garnitures. But there is another, faster and more accessible way - just remodel the walls. With the help of our decorative Leather collection self-adhesive panels, you can quickly decorate the walls of any room. High-quality finish leather for the walls can dramatically change the design of your premises without the need to replace other interior items, since its classic and innovative design will suit most stylistic trends. Decorative Leather panels are used not only for facing walls. One of the stylish and elegant design solutions is the use of panels as the finish of the head of the beds or wardrobes. You can quickly and independently cope with this task, since light and flexible panels on a self-adhesive basis can be cut using a conventional repair knife.