Office Mosaic Tiles

An office is a place where people not only work, but also meet visitors, serve customers, or hold business meetings, etc. Accordingly, the furnishing of such a space should have a stylish and representative appearance, immediately catching the eye of a visitor in a stimulating and pleasing way. Mosaic tiles for office spaces perfectly meet such requirements. An original product from the Australian company ALLOY, the office mosaic is punched from a single sheet of metal of the highest quality, combining exquisite design with a number of positive performance characteristics.

Mosaic tile design in the office

The inimitable design of natural metal, the refined brilliance of gold, the unique shade of copper, and the dark tone of raw steel - in our online catalogue you'll find a variety of types of mosaic tile for office spaces to meet every taste.

The office mosaic tiles are not only available in different types of metal but also in various geometric forms, such as squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, rhombuses, etc. Scientists have long affirmed that different geometric shapes affect a person's psychological state in different ways. For example, a square ornament on a wall is said to help people feel more balanced and confident. Triangles and diamonds, in contrast, create an ambience of dynamism and diversity. Circles are familiar as a symbol of peace and tranquility, generating a feeling of relaxation and comfort without tiring the eyes. In our online catalogue you'll find office mosaic tiles in diverse geometric shapes - something to meet almost every wish.

Advantages of metal mosaic tiles for offices

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, the metal mosaic tiles for office spaces have a high resistance to temperature changes, moisture, ultraviolet rays and mechanical damage. They're durable and easy to clean, and won't dent, crack or de-laminate over time. This means you can be certain that such a furnishing material will last for many years, while maintaining its quality and uniqueness.

Specific characteristics of different materials

The most important characteristic to consider when choosing the material, is the effect of oxidation on various metals. Office mosaic tiles made of copper, brass or raw steel gradually acquire a layer of patina under the influence of the environment, giving them a more "vintage" look. So if you want to give your office space an atmosphere of permanence that has passed the test of time, then such metal mosaic tiles in copper, brass or raw steel offer a perfect solution.

If, however, you want the office decoration to continue to sparkle and shine throughout its lifetime, then we recommend choosing a mosaic made of titanium or stainless steel. Such material won't lose its ultramodern design, even with intense exposure to external influences.

Buying office mosaic tiles in our online store with delivery

In order to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable one(s), our online catalogue of office mosaic tiles includes prices, interior photos, descriptions and detailed specifications (weight, size, etc.) of these products. You're welcome to also order samples online.

After making your choice, you can easily buy an office mosaic tile, thanks to our fast and simple ordering procedure. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our customer support team will help you to make a purchase and, if necessary, organize fast, express delivery to any country in the world.

Enjoy your shopping!