HomeVlies collection of paintable non-woven lining paper

The HomeVlies collection of paintable non-woven wall lining is produced by the German company e-Delux and meets the highest European quality standards. The product is made of absolutely safe, durable, reliable and long-lasting repair material.

The HomeVlies collection includes paintable non-woven wall linings with a density of 120 and 130g / m2. Such liners are excellent for smoothing and strengthening surfaces with small or medium-sized cracks, and are an excellent basis for subsequent wallpapering, painting or other decorating options.

HomeVlies collection catalogue

Please note that the price per roll of paintable non-woven wall lining from the HomeVlies collection is lower if you buy in large quantities. In this range we offer 6, 9, or 12 rolls, as well as pallets of 105, 112 or 288 rolls. Buying wholesale is cheaper!

More detailed information about the product is available in the online catalogue. Here you will be able to find interior photos of HomeVlies, but also prices, characteristics and descriptions. We would like to invite you to leave feedback about the product and read reviews from other customers. Please let us know if you're interested in ordering a sample of the goods. This is the surest way to see the excellent quality of the product for yourself.

In addition, our professional customer support service is at your disposal. Our team will answer any of your questions by phone or online chat, they will help you to choose the best HomeVlies paintable non-woven wall lining for your needs, purchase it at the most affordable price, and have it sent to you anywhere in the world. Take advantage of all the benefits of our online store Profhome. Enjoy your shopping!