Loft wall panels for flat and house

The word Loft is translated from English as “attic”. Due to the economic situation of 20th of XX century, people had to adjust for residence premises even not adjusted for it, such as attics, basements, warehouses, fabrics or plants. Wall panel design in loft style, also called an industrial style, is focused on giving your dwelling specific features of such premises and recreating their unique interior. The current rendering of the main motto of Loft style is as follows, “Minimum partitions, maximum space”.

Decorative wall panels in loft style in interior

The major peculiarities distinguishing loft decorative panels among other kinds are given below:

  • Imitation of natural wall coverings. Patterns of concrete walls, brickwork, plaster, wood, stone etc., are peculiar for wall panels in the industrial style.
  • Premises zoning. Due to the absence of partitions, one functional area is visually fenced from the other one using various wall design.
  • Colour palette of loft wall panels is calm, moderate. The most popular are grey, brown, black.

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