Wall panel collection

Wallface Decorative self-adhesive wall panels are represented by nine unique collections. The wall panels are assembled into collections according to certain criteria, such as the material and design of the decorative surface. Within one collection you will find panels that are:

  • Similar in their characteristics;
  • Identical in their characteristics and differing only in color.

The name of the collection can tell a lot about the main characteristics of self-adhesive panels, as a rule, it is directly related to the material that the wall panels imitates, or the design of the decorative surface of the wall covering. If you are facing problem with a specific design, the category of "collection of wall panels" will help you quickly find the desired product and compare it visually with similar products. Some collections of wall panels are distinguished by a unique design or a three-dimensional structure of the decorative surface, and the main feature of others is the presence of a coating of transparent acrylic glass, providing the panel with excellent protection against external influences.

Catalog for collections of wall panels

In the electronic catalog of the online store Profhome you will find images and interior photos of wall decorative panels belonging to the following collections:

Pay attention to the product description. This information will help you make an unmistakable choice, because at first glance they seem like identical products, but they can be different in their technical properties, such as the ability to print digital printing, flexibility, wear resistance, moisture resistance. Whichever model you choose, we guarantee you first-class quality and exclusive design. Wallface wall panels are an unconventional finishing for walls, as they simultaneously serve as an interior theme. And they can be dismantled as easily as they were installed, and in a few minutes this decoration material will become an ornament of another surface.