LUXXUS mouldings from polyurethane

This range of Orac Decor mouldings has been given the name LUXXUS, accentuating the fact that this collection presents unique and exclusive elements of “luxury” moulding that will become an absolute highlight in any interior space. The products in the Orac LUXXUS collection have an exquisite design that reproduces the historical originals from different past eras. Due to the variety of classical elements, the Orac LUXXUS moulding collection is suitable for almost any room, where it will help to create a refined and luxurious look.

Orac LUXXUS decorative moulding is made of modern Purotouch® material - a high-density polyurethane, which has several advantages:

  • Exceptional characteristics. Shock resistance, resistance to moisture and ultraviolet light, easy cleaning and virtually unlimited durability - these are just some of the characteristics of Orac Decor's LUXXUS polyurethane moulding.
  • Light weight. Unlike traditional elements of stucco moulding made of plaster or wood, this polyurethane decor moulding has a light weight, greatly facilitating transportation and installation.
  • Ease of installation. Using a special adhesive for mouldings - Orac DecoFix which can also be purchased in our online store - you can easily achieve a durable and reliable attachment of decorative elements to a wall or ceiling.
  • Ecological compatibility. Purotouch® is an absolutely safe material that doesn't contain toxic substances. It also doesn't absorb smells or moisture, and withstands fungus or mould.
  • Possibility of painting. You can easily change the appearance of the product by painting it in any colour you like. The decorative elements in the Orac LUXXUS collection have distinct outlines. Therefore, when painting, care should be taken to ensure that the paint doesn't conceal the finer details of the pattern. We recommend using a paint that preserves the surface structure.

Online catalogue of LUXXUS mouldings from polyurethane

To see for yourself the unique design of the decorative elements in the Orac LUXXUS collection, take a moment to browse through the catalogue in our online store Profhome. Here, in addition to detailed descriptions and technical characteristics, there are also various interior photos of LUXXUS moulding. You'll also find information on prices and be able to read customer reviews. To get the most reliable impression of the product, feel free to order a sample of the decorative mouldings. Have you made your choice? Do you have any questions? Contact our customer support team and let us help you to buy Orac LUXXUS moulding in our online store. Fast delivery of goods is carried out to any country in the world. Enjoy your shopping!