Mosaic Wall panels by WallFace

Mosaic wall panel are created in a way where dozens of regular-shaped elements are affixed to a self-adhesive bendable surface. This enables the wall panels with mosaic effect to be employed into decorating the surfaces practically of any shape. Such panels can be bent easily with no limitations. For this reason, in particular, these wall panels are not only suitable for domestic use but are also very popular when it comes to decorating showrooms and window displays. And this is of no surprise! WallFace light and easily bendable mosaic sheets will create a stunning effect in decorating any surface or accessory!

Decorative wall panels with mosaic effect have the following features:

  • Elasticity and an ability to be bent easily. The surface of these panels is not simply covered by textured printed ornaments, but rather by dozens of mosaic elements. If you wish, you can cut your mosaic wall panel into the tiniest pieces or segments of literally any size or shape and decorate with them any accessory you like. While other elastic wall panels can be rolled for easy transportation, an absolute elasticity of WallFace mosaic wall panels actually represents their immediate application. Owing to the fact that mosaic elements are applied onto a special lightweight and elastic self-adhesive base, this decorative finishing can be successfully employed not only in curved surfaces decoration but also in those with sharp angles.
  • Colour range. Mosaic wall panels have glossy reflective finishing with some colour variations being able to create a stunning kaleidoscope effect. WallFace decorative sheets with mosaic effect bring together gloss and grace – combination which will turn anybody’s head!

WallFace self-adhesive sheets with mosaic surface in interior design

The range of mosaic decorative panels is in no way limited to decorating the walls or window displays and advertising boards. They can also be successfully employed in decorating when it comes to the doors, furniture, bar counters or any other small elements of your interior. Just use your imagination! You will be able to bring the decorative sheet into the necessary size and shape by simple cutter.

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